Scotty’s HotBox Maturation Box

Large 1 metre cube coupled with hollow board construction means the HotBox retains heat well
Worms love it – the HotBox makes an excellent wormery and the worms cannot drown in it
Works well as a maturation box for many schools, businesses and institutions
Can be used as a general purpose composter for any compostable material
You can collect the leachate from it
If set up on a solid base then rats find it extremely hard to break in
Perfect for use as a maturation bin for cooked food waste

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The Hot Box is being used mainly by schools, businesses and institutions, that produce a lot of waste for composting. The unit it usually used as a maturation container for one of the our food waste recyling composting machines.

The Hot Box is generally used for maturation following an ‘in vessel’ stage . Larger woodchips can be sieved out (from a tumbling or other in-vessel system using large wood chips) to go back to the first stage composter. The material is then perfect for the worms, for in effect it becomes a wormery. Worms naturally invade compost heaps at the maturation phase, and they love the large, warm surface area that the Hot Box provides throughout the year.

Ideally, two or more boxes are used, depending on the volume of materials needing to be processed. When one is full the other one is filling and then the first one can be emptied. The front has removable slats, which makes emptying easy.