Medium Ridan Composter

Maximum Throughput 200 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters) 2.4L x 1.0W x 1.5H
Unit Weight (empty) 60Kg

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The medium Ridan is great value for money, easy to operate and, unlike other compodters, requires no power, making it free to use and completely eco-friendly.
Step 1. Load your food waste and cardboard chips at one end

Step 2. Turn the Handle

Step 3. Collect the nutritious immature compost at the other end

Step 4. Transfer immature compost into the maturation box until ready to use on the garden.

Easy Gear composting technologyEasyGear Technology is Ridan’s answer to making composting as easy and accessible to all. The EasyGear makes using the composter light work.
We find that food waste is normally loaded on a daily basis (on average about 10 litres of food waste every day). Once loaded, the handle is turned and immature compost is disposed from the outlet. This can be stored in the maturation box until it is ready for use on the garden.

What Types of Food Can I Compost Using a Ridan?
All food waste can be composted, raw or cooked, meat, fish and dairy. The mixture within the Ridan gets very hot with a natural average temperature of between 50 and 70 degrees centigrade. These high temperatures accelerate the composting process by using fast acting thermophilic bacteria, whilst also killing pathogens and seeds.

Simple and free to use, the Medium Ridan is a hot, aerobic constant throughput composter, which will enable you to deal with all food waste on-site. Ridan food composters quickly produce rich compost for the garden.

Your Ridan can be situated outside, and does not require any extra services or power, resulting in zero operating costs.