Edward EDW500S Strip Cardboard Shredder

Cutter Feed width 500 mm
Cutter Feed height 18 mm
Cutting Capacity 8-10 cubic/m per hour
Cutting Speed 14/m/min
Continuous Run Time 8 hours
Noise Level 55db/(A)
Dimensions 125x116x100cm
Weight 300Kg
Long lasting steel blades. Special gears for hard working cycles. Monolithic body structure. Heavy duty bearings for high radial loads. Dust extraction ready. Scratch proof powder painting. Anti-wear treated. Simple and easy-to-use thanks to its two-position switch: on / off. Heavy duty frame. Complies with all relevant national and international safety standards.”

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The free standing EDW500 Series is a very powerful, high capacity machine for demanding commercial situations. The highly advanced cutting head enables a throughput of up to 10 cubic metres per hour.

The EDW500 uses the exceptional high performance EDW cutting heads designed for ultimate cutting performance and ease of maintenance. Unlike other manufacturers, EDW’s cutters are modular. This allows each blade to be shaped for ultimate performance and to withstand larger staples and other fixings that will jam other machines. The modular approach also allows replacement of individual pieces if accidental damage does occur – far better than the costly replacement of single piece cutters. The special cutter fixing plate also allows easy access, rather than a major stripdown for maintenance.

Like all EDW machines, the motor has been mounted away from the dust trap under the cutting head again much improving the life and reliability of components. Dust extraction ports right at the cutting head focus on removing any dust from the stripped board, rather than trying to keep the motor area clean.

At the forefront of design, the EDW500 is available in mat, strip or chip producing models, all sharing the same 3 phase 2.2Kw motor. A single phase option is also available for mat and strip versions. The ED500 series will shred cardboard, cd/dvds, floppy discs and credit cards.

The ED500 is made to order in the EU and has a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.