Edward EDW299R Mat Cardboard Shredder

Cutter Feed width 300 mm
Cutter Feed height 10 mm
Cutting Capacity 2 cubic/m per hour
Cutting Speed 8/m/min
Continuous Run Time 8 hours
Voltage Cycle (V/Hz) 1hp single phase
Noise Level 45 db/(A)
Dimensions 55x45x28cm

Long lasting steel blades. Special gears for hard working cycles. Monolithic body structure. Heavy duty bearings for high radial loads. Dust extraction ready. Scratch proof powder painting. Anti-wear treated.

Edward EDW299R Mat Cardboard Shredder

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The EDW299 cardboard shredder is perfect for smaller operations. With the smallest size version of the outstandingly efficient EDW cutting head design it can run continuously for up to 8 hours! It is also remarkably quiet! This is a truly commercial machine, with up to 8 hours run time, no issues with tape or staples, and a different beast altogether from other worktop and entry level cardboard shredders. This worktop machine is driven by a 750W motor, with a 10x300mm throat capacity. The ED299 is made in the EU and has a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

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