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Wrapping Packaging

These machines produce mats of cardboard (sometimes called nets). This output is an obvious replacement for bubble wrap or similar packaging.

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Void Fill Packaging

These machines produces strips or chips of cardboard. This output is an obvious replacement for shaped or pre-formed packaging as it can be easily moulded around products.

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Animal Bedding

These machines produce strips or chips of cardboard. This output is excellent for use in animal bedding – absorbent in use and easy to compost.


Dust Extraction

Dust extraction is not always required with our machines. If needed, our extractors are unique; designed and packaged as part of the base machine design they deliver far higher performance levels than traditional units. With HEPA filters and a full set of accessories to enable site cleanliness and machine servicing as well, the INOX dust units really are a class apart.



Modern fast composters and related equipment have revolutionised waste management opportunities for businesses and communities. We can help you generate income from waste and support your local environment at the same time.

6 Animal Bedding - shutterstock_568472119

Packaged Solutions

By combining machinery options there are amazing opportunities for good business which tackles climate change issues, by increasing productivity through re-purposing and recycling and reducing junk waste transit miles.

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