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News & Updates

At Cardboard Converters, we are always looking for ways to spread the word about environmentally friendly packaging. See below for our latest posts from our Facebook page…


Join the movement away from single use plastic. Cardboard-Converters is about re-using and recycling cardboard. This can make a real difference to the planet and your productivity as a business. Make waste cardboard work for you! This page is full of news; ideas; products; services to help you do that.

We are a business selling cardboard, paper and other recycling shredders. And we are passionate about the positive impact and cost benefits businesses can have by recycling their waste on site. Rather than just exporting it! So we have provided expert advice across the world, enabling businesses to benefit from recycling in house.

Its not rocket science. Take cardboard as an example – it could be other materials. Thousands of businesses receive goods in cardboard, then simply do nothing more than pay someone else to take that cardboard away.

With their own shredding capability, those same businesses could be generating the packaging which they need for their outgoing goods, or simply producing another product which they can easily sell on. So making profit from their waste cardboard rather than paying out (and paying out twice if they are buying packaging as well as paying recycling fees)!

Even if a business has to give its cardboard away it can still save money in recycling costs. So there is a place for entrepreneurs to take advantage of someone else’s freely provided cardboard to make packaging, or animal bedding for example.

Shredded cardboard makes great animal bedding material. In mat form, it can provide an insulating inner layer to beds, or even a short term bed on its own (especially for chewy dogs)!

For the equine, agricultural or pet supply supply sectors, strip or chipped cardboard beats grass products by being pollen free, readily available and easier to break down for manure/compost.

So what are you waiting for? On site shredding is an opportunity – to be environmentally friendly and to increase profits. Keep up with our news; ideas; products; services!