What sort of cardboard shredder do I need?

There are 3 main outputs from cardboard shredders. Mat, strip and chip.

If you want to replace a wrapping product in your operation, then your starting point is a mat machine. Mats can be used like bubble wrap.

If you want void fill only, then you you could look at a strip or chip machine. Strips are not replicated in other packaging types but provide a really good packaging medium for heavy materials like car parts or similar. Chips are a great replacement for plastic or poly chips.

If you are looking to produce animal bedding, then chips is probably your start point but you may want to look at strips as well.

Can I strip paper as well as cardboard?

Yes – strip cardboard shredders can strip paper as well.

Remember to check your security requirements if you are processing paper though.

What does a cardboard shredder look like in operation?

Have a look at these videos!

How big a shredder do I need?

There are some simple things to bear in mind.

If you just want to shred some cardboard and use it right away, then a smaller machine will probably meet your needs

If you want to shred a lot of board to make a pool of packing material, then the bigger the machine, the quicker it can be done. Lease options can help you purchase a bigger machine form the outset and maximise on savings and efficiency.

If you want to store shredded board, simple flat mats, strips ir chips are best. Machines that produce more volumetric void fill are good if you use it straight away, but any advantage is lost if you store the material because it initially takes more room and then flattens over time.

How long is the payback period?

Most of our customers achieve a positive return on investment in just a few months.

If your question was about how long can you lease a machine, then the terms are 2-5 years.

How much machinery maintenance is needed?

This varies according to the manufacturer. Recently designed, modern cardboard shredders are tough and simple machines.

We can offer maintenance contracts, an on demand service or supply parts only, whatever you need.